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We wanted to let you know that as dedicated educators we have been working hard to design a new style of “keynote” we are calling ‘Facilitated  Online Learning Experiences’ (FOEx). These new programs will enable clients to successfully transition from their pre-COVID face-to-face conference and workshop experiences to an online virtual version, which provides all the rich additional opportunities this platform can offer.

All our keynote talks have now been redesigned as interactive online sessions. As professionals, we have worked hard to differentiate ourselves from the ‘talking head’ with ‘PowerPoint slides’ focusing on more traditional content delivery. We know that if clients are going to pay for an outside presenter, they want something that will significantly lift their online conference experience. We have redesigned some of our core bestselling sessions both on stage and now virtually, using a wide range of tools (including simulations and gamification) to ensure the audience is fully engaged in the session.

Why digitally engage Andrew Grant and Dr Gaia Grant?

  • We can deliver as a team to add a great dynamic to the presentation or individually, according to needs. With the team delivery approach we can cater to everyone, and the audience gets the full blended mix that includes: motivation, humour, academic validation with corporate relevant case studies (and contextualised examples) – all delivered in a way that is culturally sensitive and educationally sound.
  • We will add in full engagement from carefully planned chats, breakout rooms, gamification, surveys, polling, simulations and action-reflection with the option of pre and post self-paced online learning through a learning platform (pre-reading, videos, reflection and post-action planning follow up and summary of key points + assignments and coaching as relevant).
  • We will work with the client stakeholders to make sure the session is carefully crafted to meet their needs and key conference themes.
  • We have optimised the online experience. Rather than see the virtual offerings as a poor replacement to the live onstage conference events, we have added in a whole new level of experience, including the option of online Pre and Post learning self-paced sessions. This ensures the learning will last and can be actionable back at work.
  • Professional set up: We have successfully transformed from what was our stage, into the digital, with professional mics, cameras, backdrop & lighting.
  • We have already recently successfully delivered in this virtual format to a range of clients including: Salesforce, Boeing, Novartis, Boehringer-Ingelheim, DukeCE, International Fragrances (IFF) and Techsauce. All of these clients have come back for seconds / additional material. With no need to travel the world is now at our desk!

“Your knowledge, professionalism, and willingness to work with us were key to the success of these digital virtual seminars. I learned a lot from you, and really enjoyed working with you.“

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Core Content Learn blended learning ecosystem
Our core content virtual presentations can be stand-alone, integrated into the full conference theme, and /or blended into a complete online self-paced learning journey