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"For we got the results we were looking for" Joachim Wessling Country CEO Allianz talks about the value of Tirian’s Mission Possible leadership and culture development program.


“Masterful story tellers who have compiled a rich set of tools for sustainable innovation methods.“
Derek Laney,
Head of Product Marketing Asia Pacific,

“Really unique in bringing real depth and understanding to innovation. I saw a lot of lights go on today with our CEOs,“
Robert E. Fiske
President & CEO,
Chief Executives Guild, USA

“You did an amazing job to help us translate big ideas into execution, and bridge together the different capabilities of our group.“
Agnes Durlik
Change Portfolio Manager
Bank Executive Office
AMP Bank

Financial market leaders have included:
UBS, Credit Suisse, Citibank, Barclays, Alliance, AMP, NAB, ANZ, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Standard Chartered

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“Both the book and the “roadshow” are captivating.”
Nick Walker: Columnist | SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST
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“A phenomenal session! The feedback was excellent and many of our members gave this session a 10 out of 10. Really unique in bringing real depth and understanding to innovation. I saw a lot of lights go on today with our CEOs, and this will help our CEOs to be more effective in innovating. Excellent job – It was much appreciated!”
Robert E. Fiske, President & CEO, USA | Chief Executives Guild

“Exceeded expectations… your program made our team more comfortable working with these issues, gave the topic more credibility, and it was actionable.”
Director of Food SBU, Switzerland | NESTLE Video

“Totally impressed, a great event. It was both logical & fun, with real take aways.”
Managing Director, Czech Republic | 3M (YPO) Video

“This was the best program I’ve ever seen.”
Regional CEO | DAIMLER (DFS) :

“Top marks for helping us ensure that the whole issue of creating a supporting culture that enables our key strategic initiatives, becomes successful.”
John Gilbert Global Operations, London UK | UBS Investment Bank

“A truly magnificent achievement, particularity since the audience was from a multitude of cultures and listened in 5 different languages. This event scored the highest feedback in our 10 year history.” (4.6/5)
Asia Pacific Manager, Premier Partners Global Network |  FUJI XEROX

“You engaged our teams to really think through the value of creativity in business and about how to create a space that allows you to access that perspectives.”
Erik Skramstad, Partner / Director,
US Advisory Forensic Services | PwC

“We’ve found that it’s all too common to have adventurers, high achievers, and sports celebrities come and tell us how what they have done aligns with our business. But what we were looking for this time was to take an experience and enable a paradigm shift to start people thinking differently, because once you have seen something you can never unsee it. For us the interactive nature of the sessions was critically important. Andrew & Gaia did an outstanding job – everyone was engaged and everyone had a fantastic time while they were learning.”
Matt Glasner, Chief Commercial Officer | IR (Integrated Research)

“This will help our KPIs and performance goals as an incredible reminder to see how to be more effective we can be if we take a more collective view.”
John Ruthven – CEO | IR (Integrated Research)