Signature Keynote Topics

Sample keynote topics delivered by Andrew Grant and Gaia Grant are listed below:

  • What future-ready leadership looks like in practice: The latest research on leadership agility for innovation and change
  • Leading Innovation: What the latest research says about how to lead a culture of sustainable continuous improvement & innovation
  • Who Killed Creativity?… And How Can We Get It Back? Why ‘design thinking’ doesn’t always work – How to build creative thinking skills and mindsets for more original ideas
  • The Innovation Race: Who wins, who loses and who gets eliminated in the global race to get ahead? – Fascinating global case studies as inspiration for leading innovation
  • Are You Really Innovation Ready? How to change a culture to change the game – Individual and culture profiling to prepare individuals and teams for innovation and change
  • The Innovation Paradox: Why focusing on both CREATIVITY + INNOVATION can help build a sustainable innovation culture
  • The Collaboration Deception: Game Theory & The Dangerous Reality Behind Collaboration in the workplace. Incorporating “Win as much as YOU can” simulation
  • Purpose-driven innovation: Why the purpose behind innovation matters

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